About Unnati


Mehndi designs, in India, Pakistan and other countries of South Asia, is traditionally used from centuries for tattoo decoration of brides & other ladies on occasions of marriage. Same is also used during other social and religious occasions such as Eid, Nikah, Baby Shower, Tummy Blessings, Karva Chauth, Holi, and Housewarming Parties. To-day the list is ever-expanding. To-days families invite mehndi design experts for similar purpose to add extra charm and joy on occasions of Christmas, Birthday & Graduation parties, Summer Barbecue, Sweet Sixteen etc. In modern days this is also used on occasions like Valentine’s Day, girls’ night out and other social parties. You name any occasion and this tradition can be appropriately used for adding beauty, charm, and joy into the celebrations. From little over a decade this traditional art is becoming popular for similar purpose in western world too.


Mehndi decoration mainly involves drawing, from coarse to the finest lines to produce intricate and attractive designs, figures, objects on body part(s) as per an individual’s choice. Traditionally, these are drawn on the exposable parts of extremities, at times, also on face, neck etc. The designs, after darkening in a day or two, slowly start fading naturally. Within a week or two, designs disappear completely without help of any extrernal chemical or painful laser.

‘Mehndi’, is also known by other names such as Mehendi, Mendi, Heena, Henna, Indian Tatoo, Herbal Tatoo, Herbal Mehndi, and Temporary Tatoo. The paste prepared from the leaves of the mehndi plants is used for these decorations. The leaves are green but when an appropriate paste is made out of these and applied on the body, it implants bright light red to reddish-brown color on skin. Here lies the secret. It’s the expertise of the artist in preparing the paste which will bring the appropriate color. Unnati usually gives the choice to an individual for the color she would like to have on her body part, although she does guide and gives her suggestion to which color would suite better to a particular color of the subject’s skin.

UNNATI’ is becoming a popular name in Chicago and its suburbs, and in many areas of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio, and New Jersey for her unique and artistic Mehndi designs on brides and others and also for her challenging Art Projects.

Aurora (IL) based Unnati is a born artist. At age of four her painting secured silver medal at “The Shankar’s Children’s International Art Competition.” She received this coveted award from the then Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi. This was just a beginning. She received many awards thereafter. Notable among them were ones from international competitions held by Government of Russia and Children’s society of China. She continued her sojourn towards the summit of Fine Arts which culminated into graduation from an internationally acclaimed The Faculty of Fine Arts of The M.S. University of Baroda, India. In her attempts to diversify her talent, she joined IITC, Baroda, a nationally renowned institute of fashion designs. Here too, she secured first place in its nationally held final exam.

Since her re-location in the US nine years ago, Unnati's Mehndi expertise is bringing smiles on innumerable faces of bridegrooms!!! Yes, bridegrooms’, as they see the enchanting Mehndi patterns on their brides’ bodies.

She has been invited for bridal Mehndi and other arts projects as far as Iowa, Ohio, and New Jersey. It is assured that your one experience of her artistic talent will not be the last one


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